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Let us Guide you through the Mediation Process, from the very beginning to the conclusion of your Mediation, we will support all parties and help reduced Stress and Anxiety.

We use a widely accepted, tested and proven model known as Alternative / Assisted Dispute Resolution (ADR).

A Step by Step process which allows participants to be involved and in control.

Call us now on 1800 THE BMS  (1800 843 267) to have a 100% confidential initial conversation about your Dispute

Step 1: Initial Consultation & Education

Free Initial Consultation and Discussion

We answer all your questions about what mediation is, how it works, and the part it can play to allow you to resolve your dispute, simply and cost effectively. 

We take you through the process step by step and allow you to make an informed decision if mediation is right for your situation,

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Step 2: Pre Mediation Conference

Once you have decided that mediation is suitable for you, we meet one on one with each party, we discuss your situation in depth and allow you time to seek other professional advice before the mediation.

We go over what the Mediation session will look like, the process and how it will be run. 


Our hope is to reduce any anxiety and fear into the process and allow your to enter Mediation confident and with a positive mindset.

We discuss the location and any other individual needs you have, to allow you to participate to your fullest. 

Stage 3: The Mediation Session

The Mediation session has a clear format which is proven to work.  It allows each party to have the opportunity to speak in an un-threatening and safe environment.

The success of the Mediation is 100% down to the participants and their willingness to work together towards a resolution.

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Stage 4: The Mediation Agreement

Before concluding the mediation session, we will facilitate documenting the Agreement which has been agreed between the parties and signing of this agreement.

It's important to remember that any agreed and documented Mediation Agreement, has the intent to be legally binding and either party could be at liberty to legally enforce the agreement.

This document can be used by other professionals to prepare any other documents or actions required to fully conclude the dispute.

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