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Fixed Fee Pricing

We Believe in No Surprises and No Hourly Rates.

Set Fees for each stage in the Process

Call us now on 1800 THE BMS  (1800 843 267) to have a 100% confidential initial conversation about your Dispute

At the Office

Initial Discussion Consultation

Free Service

We know from experience that not everyone understands what mediation is and what it involves.  We take this time to educate our clients and understand at initial stages what the dispute involves, and if mediation is suitable for your particular situation


Pre Mediation

$400 (ex GST) for each Party

Individual consultation to understand each parties perspective of the dispute.

We outline the mediation process and how the mediation will be conducted so that everyone enters the mediation without uncertainty and fear.

We provide further information and give the individual party the opportunity to seek additional expert advice prior to the mediation session.

You can ask any questions you want, it is 100% confidential and focused on the individual party.

The Pre Mediation is often the most important step in the Mediation process.

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Mediation Session

$400 (ex GST) - Half Day up to 3 hours

$700 (ex GST) - Full Day over 3 hours

Fees are for Each party.


Additional Fees such as room bookings can be discussed (if required) at the pre mediation

This covers 100% of the mediation session, including documenting and executing of the mediation agreement.

The Outcome is the responsibility of the parties mediating, not the mediator

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