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Helping Business People Keep Control

Our Services

Don't wait any longer, use mediation as your FIRST option

Don't spend $10,000's of dollars on legal bills before going to mediation.

Use TBMS to help resolve your dispute, Fast and Cost Efficiently.

Allow us to guide you through the mediation process from initial engagement before you enter mediation to documenting your agreement at the end.

Our aim is to reduce Stress and Anxiety and assist all parties to resolve disputes, big or small, in a Timely and Cost Effective manner.

Business Meeting
Online Shop Business Partners
Business Meeting
Local Family Business
Business Consultation

Business Partnership Agreements

Neighbour Disputes, Property and Lease Agreements

Business Separation & Succession

Commercial and Business Arrangements and Agreements

General Business Disputes

How It Works

Contact The Business Mediation Service

Reach out to us to have a Confidential Free Consultation and Discussion to learn about Mediation and if it is right for your situation

Pre Mediation

Individual engagement with each party to the dispute and understanding the specific matter at hand.


Outlining the mediation process and providing each party with information and opportunity to seek specialist advice prior to the Mediation.

Answering questions and allowing each party to enter the process with reduced Anxiety and a clear understanding of the process.

The Mediation Session

This is conducted online or at a location which suits all parties and can take as long as it needs, or over multiple sessions depending on the Dispute Circumstances.

It is not the mediators role to determine any outcome, but to facilitate each party to resolve the dispute themselves while maintaining control of their outcome.

Why Choose Us

Decades of Business Experience

Save Money and Time

National Mediator Accreditation System

A System that is proven to work

Business People, helping Business People maintain control of there own outcomes

Our mediators complete regular training and upskill to maintain accreditation and improve client outcomes

Plans & Pricing

Fixed Fee Pricing

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